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About the company and production

Hello, we are welcome you on the official website of VESILNA™.

Our company is known as the manufacturer of wedding dresses in Ukraine. We create stylish, high quality goods with acceptable prices and we are located in the most beautiful city of Khmelnitsky region — in Kamenets — Podolsky.

We work hard every day, we ensuring permanently high quality of tailoring of all models, using only high quality materials and the most modern technologies of their processing. We care about our customers and do everything that the client is always satisfied, whether it’s a wholesale or retail buyer.

Our company started to work from 2008. We tried to do the working process in such a way that our working group was maximally productive and could solve any design problems, to kept up with the times and gained experience to realize new, fresh ideas to reality.

Because creative approach in our business is the most important thing.

We work with a many wedding salons and catalogs and we would like to say, that those people who works with us have an exclusive rights to work with our trademark in their city.

High quality for us is:

  • tailoring of any order in agreed time;
  • help for the client;
  • the most available price;
  • responsible regard to the production of goods;
  • use of a per-agreed materials.
  • a quick solve of any kind of problem;
  • confidence in our strength.

Our manufacture of wedding dresses is known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Over the years of our creative work, the designers of VESILNA™ created a rich and varied range of wedding dresses of our production with using only high quality materials. The goods of our company can compete with developments of West European designers. But the main our advantage is an available price!

And the most important:

Dear customer. Our collective is ready for any cooperation, we are ready to listen to any proposals for a new partnership, and also we will give any information you need. Call us!

Manufacture of wedding dresses : Ukraine chooses VESILNA™